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Diagnosed at 38 years old with Stage 3 breast cancer on December  23rd, 2008...a mere 8 weeks after my Mom passed away from breast cancer. Just hours before she passed I had an Angel encounter that truly changed my life. I knew God knew me, spared me from any grief losing my best friend and in weeks to come, He would give me signs I would question, "Should I go to Church?" 

When the news came, I have to say I wasn't too surprised, although I had a one year old baby, I was nervous. I lay in bed asking God why I was chosen- too many others were leading the charge to find a cure.  God spoke to my heart and I knew I was picked, given the Angel encounter, to share with others the absolute belief a higher power exists. I couldn't cure cancer...but I could share hope and faith! My true mission then began.

That was January 2009 and it is now March 2009. It is a firm belief that is why I ended up with an 8 cm tumor, 11/16 lymphnodes affected. I pray this site relieves you of a little stress so all you need to do is recover and perhaps start your own life's mission!
Over the course of my lifetime I dreamed of being an artist and then a writer, I learned how to start my own business by creating 'Granted Wishes Memorial Celebrations', I learned website development with my other business 'Morahan Marketing'. I didn't just get cancer. I spent my whole life preparing so when I did get cancer I would be able to do what it is God intends me to do, so long as I am able to do it... that is what I pray for each and every night. Now, 9 years after I began floydwarriors.com, I serve as the Executive Director for the New York State Recreation and Park Society!  Remeber God is very clever and uses Angels in many, many ways. Believe, if nothing else, God is right with you now and nothing is a coincidence.

If there is one thing my parents did it was to instill the belief that I could do whatever I wanted. They believed I could do anything I set my mind to, including beating cancer, I'm sure. God uses us, but He also uses Angels.
Swimming in August 2008.Just 7 months ago with my beautiful son Caden...I was totally unaware of my cancerous tumor and my life's mission soon to be realized.
My diary begun the day I waited 
to hear if I had Stage 4 cancer.

I cut my hair short to mentally prepare, and then I shaved it off once I realized my hair was coming out. Both times were on my terms, on the day I CHOSE!

My 1st chemo...I thought it was important to show, 'I am not afraid!' again that I was in control. My husband was mortified when I insisted he go get the camera.
My family portrait was taken 2 weeks before I went for my mamogram.
Inspired by “First They Came” by Martin Niemoller
By Lisa Morahan

First it came…

When asked by the doctor if I was of Scandinavian, Ashkenazi Jew, or Hungarian descent I had an overwhelming sense of history repeating itself. 

Cancer is the Nazi. 

It came first for another
I was not another
Then it came for another’s mother
She was not my mother
Then it came for another’s daughter
I did not have a daughter

Then it came for my Mother
She was not me

And then it came for me
And at this time I will speak up
For you who lie ahead and wait

        -L. Morahan
        January 2009

You know Caden...that is my husband Jim holding him. 

Jim returned home from work at 9pm to a mailbox full of medical bills. He is feeding poor Gerry the cat right now. He just said 'the cat is like a hostage in the house.' It's 11:47pm.

Jim feeds Gerrry...cleans & fixes everything- including me, wakes up with Caden and patiently lets me do God's work in my office.
This website is dedicated to my family, who without their support I would not have had the time and energy to create it. 

They knew this was part of my healing...
and soon they will see it is part of yours, too.

I hope in some way, in this darkest hour you are able to see and shine in your own God given way. Remember, we are the chosen.

I believe my Mom realized she could do more without her broken body. The day we lost her physically, we all inherited her incredible spirit. She comes through all of us in each hug and kiss we give Caden.
My other half- sister & beyond, Becky. 'I am Heathcliff!' comes to mind. When you realize there is someone who your mind, body and spirit relies on just to get by (not to mention thrive!)...that would be luckily for me my sister- Becky.
'Luv Ya!' Oldest sister Sandi. She LOVES Caden... and me too. Read MY Journey to meet her.
Business/computer guru and partner in entreprenurial spirit, brother Rick. He knows the real value of a ceramic chicken ($20 tucked inside)! - his Secret Santa gift. He keeps me motivated every day to pursue this dream....not to mention he is 'A GREAT AMERICAN!'
Here is Baby Plinko Ben (see Journal). This was taken a day after I dropped the Cancer bomb at the Christmas House. His wife Jennifer is an Angel on Earth. I know my Mom is taking care of me, through Jennifer and a thousand hugs could not pay her back.
She also adores Caden.
I think my Mom's way to tell the world about her amazing children was to go to heaven and allow this mission of mine to happen.
There's one person on this Earth I have no doubt LOVES Caden as much as I do...that is my sister Patti. From the time I came home from the hospital she put her life on hold and took over for me, doing all that needing doing to save us at a critical time. 

The love and attention she pours over him, makes me feel so releived he isn't missing Mommy kisses on these nights I'm given a rest while she has him.

Again- read the Journal to understand.
The 'Picture Perfect Family' we all dream of having one day is sometimes not as we imagined...
sometimes it is.

This was done by one of God's Angels on Earth- the incredibly talented AWESOME! AWESOME! 
Charl Elias. I asked her to do a photo shoot for me.
How lucky am I?!!?!?!
Photo courtesy of Charl Elias Photography
Washington DC June 25-26 2009 was a TRIP to say the least. Yet another phenomenal experience on my Journey...I have to update my Journal. 

A Capitol Hill visit- something every American should do...whatever your mission. Bongos and Salsa Dancing a must too- see My Journal!
Trust me- they didn''t just let anyone stand on the table to drum! WAY COOL!!!! Cancer nothing!
One of the highlights- meeting Elizabeth Edwards. She was simply amazing. 'To my lovely sister, Lisa and floydwarriors.com' she graciously inscribed my book 'Resilence'.  Wow.
I met Dorothy at the conference. She was so connected, a devout Christian. I can't say what it meant when she called me her Spiritual Mother. It is times like that I shake my head wondering what it is, but knowing God has me on a great journey.
Our keynote speaker Jon Sands. He was as nice as he looks! Thank you so much for introducing me to The Prayer of Jabez!!!
Photo Courtesy of 
Charl Lane Elias Photography
My Mom who you will read about was the inspiration for this site. Along with being the best homemaker and Mother, she had a deep rooted belief that people are essentially good. I want to be a part of sharing that goodness with people in need.
New Year's Day 2009- 
days before surgery
Feb. 12th 2009- 
chemo starts!
March 2009-
Hair No More!
April  2009-
Website Launches!
May 2009- My Cancer Care Cards hit racks in 4 stores!
June 09-
OMG- That's ME in DC...
with NYOH nurse GerryAnn 
and Elizabeth Edwards- 
an absolute  wonderful person!
I went to Capitol Hill!!!
July 09-
Chemo is DONE!!!
September- Bras for a Cause!
Donating over 300 great bras and breast cancer info to Albany's inner city women.
Oct . 17, 2009-
Ribbon Cutting and Raised $418 for Simplifying Lives
Made meals for families coping with chemo....24 of them!!!
2009...What a difference a year makes!
OK... this is me! August 2011. 
I surprised Jim with pictures of a  photo shoot for our 10th anniversary. 
Once again, thanks to the simply amazing, wonderfully gifted 
Charl Elias!

There is life after cancer-
and sometimes a better body!
Life is strange, great and true.