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copyright  March 2009

I saw correlations to Pink Floyd with 'Tigers Broke Free' ( my Mom always said, 'Go get'em Tiger!'), Pigs on the Wing (our family's steadfast tradition of the Pink Peppermint Pig until this Christmas when cancer put a downer on the whole thing) and referneces in the movie to Nazi Germany. Cancer is our Nazi today, affecting millions.

a play on Pink Floyd and Warriors...because we are!
On the front lines of this war America is engaged in, she is the symbol of getting it done, whatever it takes. She is my sister, my friend, and yes, even that woman I just met a just a day ago. Together with all my Rosie's I know I'll get through this. She is the face of Floyd Warriors.
Together with all your Rosie's you too...will get through this.

with a web developer and she explained it would cost $10,000 plus to make a software program to do what I wanted. I was paralyzed. I HAD to do was my mission. Driving home I cried. It was then God gave me a sign, when I needed it. At the stop light I looked to my right and what did I see...but a U-Haul Center and a fleet of trucks with their motto, "U Can Do It!" on the side of every truck! Rosie was already my icon.
Oh God, but how!?? 
I asked right back, hey the first answer came!
The first thing I saw were two street signs. It was where 'Media ' met 'Main'.

It was again the literal signs! I needed to let me know God would guide me, helping me find exactly what it was I needed to make this all happen. 

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A FLOYD WARRIOR is strong, in charge and in control. They are the ones steering the ship. They call their own shots, live life despite any diagnosis and to inspire others. Floydwarriors live with a twinkle in their eye and whether they are 38 or 88, they want to live every day! 

My Mom, Irene, was the inspiration for FLOYDWARRIORS. She was diagnosed at 68 with stage 4 breast cancer that had spread to her bones. She lived every single day to the fullest until the day she chose to shed the beautiful evening gown, her body, the night she passed on. She was 80 years old. 

My Mom had cancer, but cancer didn't have her. She was the absolute perfect role model so when I was diagnosed I already knew how to be strong, in charge and in control- she showed me. I thank God she she had passed before I found out about my cancer...but then, I don't think she would have worried. She always made me feel like there was nothing I couldn't do- I'm sure, including cancer. 
My Mom pictured here is the inspiration for everything I do. She looked good-always! This was taken driving to the airport, going to Vegas for our last trip in April...six months before she passed away. She was Steady Eddy with the lipstick- as I jerked the car around.
'Helping families cope with cancer, one household at a time' TM
C'My life is still in God’s hands. I am secure and I am blessed. We know we have your continued prayers and rely on them. God is great and He still surprises me with how He is using this for His glory. At the start He told me if I would trust Him completely He would allow us to see great things. God is amazing and has more than kept His word. I wish I could tell you that I trust in God completely all the time. That is my desire, but the reality is my humanness is obvious. I fail so often. I am not proud of it. The LORD has not given up on me. He still loves His children so much. He knows our weaknesses and loves us with a perfect love even though we “are prone to wonder.” I know I can be hard to love and yet God gives His servants a love beyond comprehension. His grace and mercy are ever present. Of all men I am blessed. He is allowing me to see and learn so much. 

Too great not to share...
words from Mike Callen, a True floydwarrior.

To live even one day with the faith Mike had would be incredible.