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WELCOME... to On October 17th, 2008 my Mom & very Best Friend passed away after 12 years of living with Stage 4 breast cancer. She was 80 years old. I had an very incredible encounter with an Angel that day, that forever changed my life. While she helped with my Mom's passing- I knew she was coming for me and I would be an atheist no longer.

8 weeks later, on December 23rd, my surgeon told me now I had cancer. I had an 8 cm tumor that spread to 11/16 lymph nodes...and a 1 year old baby, surgery, months of treatment ahead...

He assured there were a lot of support groups available. My immediate reaction was, "But how will I put food on my table, clean and take care of my family?" He said nothing like that, as far as he knew, existed. "I guess I'll have to start that organization!" I promised. 

I saw this moment as my mission, a very rare opportunity to share with the world how God is alive and well and living through us. While at St. Peter's Hospital for a bilateral mastectomy I was totally inspired to create this organization called  -an inspirational healing ministry and resource center to facilitate volunteers helping newly diagnosed cancer patients. The day after surgery,January 10th I drafted all my pages of  

"Helping Families Cope With Cancer, One Household at a Time"

Dinner is Done...
Dishes are Clean...
The Kids are OK!
*2014 Statistics from the National Cancer Society
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'Helping families cope with cancer, one household at a time' TM is a 501 C3 tax-exempt non-profit organization
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The easiest and hardest thing I believe one can do is to totally surrender... 
Not to defeat, but to Faith. is here to help you not take cancer lying down...  but LOOKING UP!
The night I told my sisters I had cancer...
 I was driving to their home & had a clear vision

it was of a large ocean- the one I was just tossed into. I thought I could swim and swim to save myself, struggling against the current and put up a really good fight to live. I thought I if I could see the shore at least, I could try to swim.  I thought I could do that a few days without drowning. Reality hit and I realized I could not save myself. I then imagined not fighting; lying back and totally surrendering my need, my instinctive urge to fight. I would float and rely on the great unknown that lie beneath me that I knew would hold me much longer if I simply let it. This great ocean I was tossed into I once thought was my demise, soon turned into a sea that would save me. My position hadn’t changed at all but my perception did. 

So yes, I guess people do seem to find God when they hit rock bottom that is because people usually choose to swim and nearly drown before surrendering, not to defeat but to faith. This realization the night I was diagnosed was the most liberating moment of my life.  As crazy as it sounds cancer freed me. -Now I believe this Ocean 'Vision' truly was Jesus coming in the boat to pick me up. Cool.

Thank you very much for visiting The intent of is to provide individuals newly diagnosed with cancer with a with a wide variety of services from real help in the home to basic emotional support. All help gifted by volunteers is purely by good will and with the understanding that the recipient will not hold liable either floydwarriors or its representatives for any kind of wrongful conduct, information, services or the like that may be given. Our volunteers are not trained  just caring individuals who mostly have been impacted by cancer themselves in some way and want to give back. Others just want to give. Please seek all medical & psychological counseling from skilled trained, professionals. 
We believe people in essence are good and that is why we have gone ahead and assembled this Army of Help That Surrounds You! was created to offer a support system- an Army of Help - to go into the lives of patients battling cancer, so they may have help with the basic needs in recover and live to pursue their God given 
dreams and talents. We can't help everyone, but we can help someone.

​         "It is a blessing to give the gift of Hope to another. Every family we meet and help, becomes family.             I love each and every one of you!"         -Lisa M. xo!  
This organization in honor of my Mom- a tribute to the best homemaker and Mom a family could be blessed with. Her legacy lives on in the homes we serve  - cooking, cleaning and loving babies while their parent is busy getting well. 

    I love you Mom~ forever and a day.  Your baby,Lisa
It is estimated 1,665,540 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in 2014
'Preach the Gospel at all times 
and when neccessary use words'
          -St. Francis of Assisi

'Whom Shall I Fear' Chris Tomlin
PROJECT EASTER BUNNY 2014 ...        
                              delivers 290 baskets!
Homefront Heroes Spotlight...
floydwarriors would like to THANK our Homefront Heroes- our local businesses who lend support by donations and services to so they can be part of the Army That Surrounds Us, helping families get through treatment. Your generous support is very much appreciated! Please thank these businesses with your business!
Good Morning Breakfast Cafe of Ballston Spa NY                                                         Donated proceeds of its soup sales from its 5 for 5 Fund. THANK YOU NANCY!

Huck Finn's and Kohl's of Saratoga made generous donations of baskets, books and stuffed animals for our Project Easter Bunny. THANK YOU!

Donations sites like Ballston Spa National Bank made giving easy towards the baskets
We appreciate the wonderful generosity of Home Instead Schenectady for assisting with real help in the home- offering a terrific discount. Thank you!
JUNE 7th! 
Update was very honored to be chosen this year's recipient of Connie Bramer's "Get Your Rack Back Event" along with the American Cancer Society/Hope Club. does not hold many fundraisers, but it takes funds to provide the REAL HELP IN THE HOME that is needed.

We thank all who supported this incredible event and a SPECIAL thanks to Connie Bramer and her ladies who all helped!!
Today's Limousine...
 announced is the local charity of choice for their PINK LIMOUSINE rental program. 10% of the Escalade's proceeds will benefit either or Susan G. Koman. PROMS, WEDDINGS, EVENTS and more...please contact TODAY'S LIMOUSINE! They are definitely a HOMEFRONT HERO!!!!
Capital Region HOMEFRONT HEROES who donated SO many raffles...take just a small a peek...thank you all!

NYRA box at the Track - Times Union Tickets -  Boathouse Bed & breakfast – Lake George - TODAY'S LIMOUSINE - Harren Brook Inn -
Lake Ridge Restaurant - Jets/Bronco tickets w/access to 50/50 club $1050 value - Times Union Tickets - Pippits $100 Gift Cert - 
 Dinner for 6 in the library at Hilton in Troy $800-$100 value -  $90 gift certificate Planet Beach - 2 Reiki Sessions compliments of Gina Clemente -  Dinner for 6 in the library at Hilton in Troy $800-$1000 value - Impressions of Saratoga - Crafter's Gallery and MORE!!!!!
Connie Bramer is likely one of the most giving, hard working and TALENTED writer I have had the fortune of calling my friend. 

I am so honored to have the ability to share with the cancer community, her poignant memoir that captured in a very clever way communications she shared with friends and family through e-mails, while battling breast cancer herself. The style, grace and boldfaced humor that is only Connie's is so beautifully captured in her book- I encourage all to read it. Please consider checking it out, as I would love in some small way to return the kindness and generosity she has gifted with. Thank you Connie!!! -Lisa