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'Helping families cope with cancer, one household at a time'
copyright  March 2009

The day my surgeon told me I definately had cancer, he assured there were a lot of support groups available. My immediate reaction was, "but who is going to come in and put food on my table, clean and take care of my husband and baby?" He said nothing like that, as far as he knew, existed.

"I guess I'll have to start that organization!" I said.

That was January 2009. It is now March 2009. In three months I developed this site, a greeting card line ...all during chemotherapy for Stage 3 Breast Cancer from an 8 cm IDC tumor.

I OBVIOUSLY had a LOT of help.

October 17th 2008 was a very fateful day. I lost my mother to her 12 year battle with breast cancer, but before she left I know in my heart she made sure I was going to be alright and sent an Angel to visit me. That encounter forever changed my life. I knew that moment and a few more I would experience leading me up to my own diagnosis happened to prepare me for something- something great I would need to share with the world.
Thus, floydwarriors was born.

My hope is every family dealing with cancer treatment has food in the fridge, a clean bathroom and a child who is being cared for...
in order to rest and get well, and who knows what else?!

Dinner is Done...
Dishes are Clean...
The Kids are OK!

By utilizing ALL the help available- loved ones, friends, neighbors, co-workers, local organizations, businesses and just ordinary fellow citizens, seeks to link all available help with families newly diagnosed so we all can get through the first months of a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The goal: to live through a cancer diagnosis and treatment and MOVE ON!

There is too much help available not to use it. Too many people care. Remember treatment is typically a few are entitled to extra help, we all are.