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Floydwarriors is looking to link up volunteers with homes coping through treatment. If you are wishing to help please fill out the form below and you will be added to our bank of volunteers. We will email out needs as they come~ simply reply to those you feel inspired to attend.

All help gifted by volunteers is purely by good will and with the understanding that the recipient will not hold liable either floydwarriors or its representatives for any kind of wrongful conduct, information, services or the like that may be given. Our volunteers are not trained just caring individuals who mostly have been impacted by cancer themselves in some way and want to give back. Others just want to give. Please seek all medical & psychological counseling from skilled trained, professionals. 

We believe people in essence are good and that is why we have gone ahead and assembled this Angel Army of Help 

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I lost my dear, sweet husband, Patrick in 2011 with Pancreatic Cancer. I was his caregiver during his journey. After he passed I needed to find something to “pay it forward” and I found Lisa and her wonderful organization, floydwarriors.com. This was a blessing for our family to handle our grief and loss, in a positive way.
— Michele Powers