Floydwarriors really helped me when I was going through my treatments. They help me with bringing me food during treatments so I didn’t have to cook, and sent in a maid service to help clean my apartment.
— Rachel Schnefel


floydwarriors are fighters. floydwarriors are the afflicted with a cancer diagnosis who need help. This site serves many purposes, but most importantly it facilitates the helping process- be it cleaning, meal delivery or help with the kids from friends, loved ones and floydwarriors.com volunteers. Occasionally your needs may fall outside of voluntary help and we will seek to contract services in. Services offered are for cancer patients undergoing surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy.

Homemade Meals Delivered
Supplemental meals for low energy days

House clean is provided with the possibility of additional visits depending on length of help needed

Help with Kids!
Each family's needs are as different as their kids. floydwarriors.com assists with special requests from childcare expenses to presents.  

Name of Patient *
Name of Patient
You must be referred by a nurse or physician. Upon request, floydwarriors.com may ask you have your physician call to describe your needs.
It is helpful for floydwarriors to know who is in the home along with the patient for meal and childcare needs. Please list names and ages (if applicable).
Provide a Photograph? *
floydwarriors.com often shares needs with supporters via newsletters and tries to include photos so help is able to place a face with a name. If you are willing, please share with lmorahan@nycap.rr.com and include the names of all in picture. Photos may be used in future marketing material, as well. You would be granting permission to use with submission.
Conditions of Service
floydwarriors,com is a volunteer-based organization. Individuals receiving service must agree to hold floydwarriors.com and its agents harmless for services rendered. It is out of goodwill help is given free of charge and understanding recipients will have safe environments for floydwarriors.com to enter. floydwarriors.com has the right to refuse help and will provide service as best able at time of request.